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As interpreted from Basketball Australia’s “Codes of Conduct” and adapted to the City Hoops for the purpose of maximum enjoyment of City Hoops Basketball competitions & activities:


Player’s Code of Conduct

1. Understand and abide by the rules at all times when playing
2. Do not argue or excessively question a referee’s call
3. Verbal abuse, including obscene language or derogatory gestures towards any official will not be tolerated
4. Physical or verbal abuse towards any other player will not be tolerated before, during, or after the game 
5. Cooperate with your team mates, opponents, referees and coaches to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of the game
6. Be humble in victory and humble in defeat
7. Remember the reason for playing basketball is for enjoyment of the game, not only to win 
8. Always use the facilities and equipment provided with care


Parent’s Code of Conduct

1. Encourage children to always play by the rules
2. Encourage your children to participate for their interests, not your own interests
3. Reduce your child’s emphasis on winning.
Instead, emphasise the enjoyment of playing basketball
4. Always treat the other players, coaches, and referees with respect – everyone at City Hoops is here to have fun, learn, and enjoy the game of basketball
5. Do not undermine the efforts of other players. Instead, show support for all efforts made by all the players, and help create a positive atmosphere
6. We incorporate a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding abuse, rage, or inappropriate behavior towards players, coaches, referees, spectators, supervisors or any managers at the arena
7. Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using obscene language, harassing players, referees, coaches, supervisors or any managers involved with the game
8. Keep children in your care under control

All games will commence at the scheduled time.
A forfeit will be declared if 10 minutes of play has passed.
4 players are needed to start the game. 
Until 4 players are on court, 2 points per minute will be awarded to the opposing team as penalty.



All teams who forfeit will lose 3 competition points.
Please notify us asap so we can notify the opposing teams.

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