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(a) City Hoops team requirement has a minimum of 7 players.  Having 7-9 players will ensure your team follows the rules, including not bringing in un-registered player or risk forfeiting.
(b) Games & Training times or venues may change. We do let you know, but please keep an eye out on the website also.

(c) If for some reason we can't find a spot for your team. You will be offered alternatives or a full refund. 
(d) City Hoops competitions may have an uneven amount of teams in the competition, which  results in a BYE

(e) Full team registration for Season 3 2018 is $1080 - With a maximum of 10 players. In addition there is a $17 per season per player insurance. There are no other hidden fees or registrations costs. 

(f) Email addresses for all players must be provided for insurance purposes. A link will be sent to each parent to sign a waiver. Players will not be able to take the court until this is complete. 

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