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Social Basketball FAQ
  • How many players can take the court?
    5 players on the court at any one time. You can have up to 10 players total each game. The magic number is probably 7 - 9 players. There is always someone away.
  • I don't have a team, do you accept individual registrations? "
    Yes! We sure do. Just click here to register as an individual. We will then get back in touch closer to the start date with an introduction to your new team mates.
  • How long do the games run for?
    Our games are 2 x 20 Minute halves with a running clock. You have one time out per half and 1 minute for half time. Clock stops last minute of the game if the game is within 10 points.
  • In Mixed, can guys block girls? "
    No sir-e. No blocking girls, otherwise it's an automatic 2 / 3 Points. You can still steal the ball, otherwise hands straight up fellas.
  • How do I register a team?
    Simples... Just click here to lock your teams spot in
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